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Name:Hans Humpty (ハンス・ハンプティ) of the Six Flowers

“Meow, I’m Hans Humpty. I was born in….well, that’s inconsequential. As for my work, I’m an assassin."

“Assassin?” Nashetania craned her neck to the side.

“Princess, assassins are people who are contracted to murder for money. They are people whose trade is killing people.” Nashetania seemed shocked by Goldof’s explanation. It was as if she hadn’t known that kind of profession existed.

“….Someone like that is one of the Six Flowers?”

“Meow? Is it bad for an assassin to be a hero?”

That was when Chamo asked the question she had been thinking about throughout his entire story. “Hey, why do you talk like that?”

After she asked, Hans stroked his face with his hand like a cat did with its paws. Then he did a back somersault in the air. When he landed he replied, “My fighting style is called Cat’s Blade. It’s a sword style I worked out by imitating the movement of cats. Cats are somewhat like my masters, meow. And so to express my respect for them I even talk like them.”

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